HALIFAX PIZZA PARTY: 10 local pizza joints that are definitely worth your dough

HALIFAX PIZZA PARTY: 10 local pizza joints that are definitely worth your dough

Pizza is one of those classic foods that almost everybody craves, whether it’s a late-night slice or a wood-fired artisanal pie. Halifax is lucky enough to be home to a large number of high-quality pizza places. From classics like Freeman’s Little New York, which opened its doors back in 1956, to the brand new Yeah Yeahs Pizza, which debuted earlier this year in Dartmouth, these restaurants are proof that pizza never goes out of style. 



Piatto Pizzeria and Enoteca

5144 Morris Street, Halifax 

Piatto’s popular pizza has led to the opening of six locations dotted across the East Coast. Their Halifax restaurant has an open concept where customers can watch their pizzas being prepped before being tossed in a huge mosaic wood-fire oven. Piatto boasts a Verace Pizza Napoletana certification, a seal of approval from a group of pizza makers in Naples, Italy, that guarantees their pizza is made using the traditional Neapolitan-style process. Their thin and crispy pies come in a variety of unique flavour combinations, and Piatto even accepts weekly submissions for its Pizza of the Week competition, when every Monday the kitchen staff picks their favourites, and taste tests the options. The winning creation is featured on the menu, and the creator wins a $50 gift certificate and a self-titled pizza. Piatto, which also houses the Enoteca Wine Bar, hosts wine tastings every couple of weeks, and offers wine pairings.


Morris East Restaurant

5212 Morris Street, Halifax
620 Nine Mile Drive, Bedford

Morris East has a strong focus on using Nova Scotian products, and their upscale artisanal pizzas feature a lot of local ingredients. The menu includes staples like the Margherita pizza and the Spicy Hawaiian pizza, but they also offer more unique options that a customer may not find elsewhere. For example, there’s the Peach Pizza, which is topped with rosemary aioli, roasted shallots, prosciutto, goat cheese, micro greens and, of course, peaches. The menu changes seasonally, and different pizzas come into rotation depending on what is fresh. The drink menu also changes over the course of the year in order to offer up the best pairings possible. Morris East is also familyfriendly, offering a kids menu and “kid-cocktails”. It’s a great choice for when you’re looking for a take-out option, too, and ordering is incredibly easy with the restaurant’s own self-titled app. 


Yeah Yeahs Pizza

66 Ochterloney Street, Dartmouth

New on the scene this year is Yeah Yeahs Pizza, located in downtown Dartmouth. The cozy and communal place is on the smaller side, a trait that’s mirrored in its condensed menu. The restaurant offers up five main pizzas, with a few options rotating in and out depending on the season. It’s quality over quantity here, as the staff put a lot of work into crafting their classic New York-style pizzas. The co-owners have plenty of experience in the industry — Dean Petty came from Anchored Coffee, and Josh Nordin from a few different restaurants, including Ace Burger and Field Guide. One of their biggest secrets to success, however, is Sal Mosca, the creator of their delicious dough. The restaurant also offers pizza by the slice for anyone wanting to run in and grab something quick. In short, Yeah Yeahs takes the ease of fast-food pizza and combines it with a high-quality, delicious product. 


Bramoso Pizzeria and Beer Bar

6169 Quinpool Road, Halifax

Bramoso is unique in that it offers the option of what it calls “Take-N-Bake,” meaning that customers can come into the Quinpool Road location, pick up a raw and ready-to-bake pizza, and take it home to bake themselves.


Mother’s Pizza

5710 Young Street, Halifax

This North End pizzeria offers up cool flavour combinations with pies like Smoked Brisket, Olive Tapenade and customer favorite The Kitchen Sink. The cozy and welcoming space has a small but smart menu that changes seasonally. The restaurant also has its own exclusive signature beer made by Garrison Brewing Company.  


Stone Pizza

79 Alderney Drive, Dartmout

This Dartmouth pizzeria stands out from the crowd by offering pies cooked on pizza stones, which makes for deliciously crispy crusts. Stone offers a lot of options, including breakfast pizzas on the weekend and dessert pizzas like S’mores and Cookies & Cream.


Freeman’s Little New York

6092 Quinpool Road, Halifax
1726 Grafton Street, Halifax
3671 Dutch Village Road, Halifax

Freeman’s is a late-night staple, and the only place where you can grab a pizza at 4 am. Freeman’s came to Halifax in 1956 and now has four locations across the city. Its cozy booths and live entertainment provide the perfect backdrop to dig into a New York-style pie.


The Stubborn Goat Gastropub

1579 Grafton Street, Halifax

The Stubborn Goat, located in downtown Halifax, has a great atmosphere and a spacious patio. Their pizzas are baked in a wood stone oven, and the restaurant offers up flavourful combinations with pizzas like the Vampire Slayer, with roasted garlic and ricotta, and the My-Ty, which includes peanuts, fresh coconut and Sriracha.


Rinaldo’s Italian American Specialties

2186 Windsor, Halifax

Rinaldo’s is an Italian-American restaurant in Halifax run by the Rinaldo brothers, Tony and Sam. Their menu balances classic old-school family recipes and more modern American-style cuisine. The Windsor Street restaurant offers up pizza by the slice for lunch and full pies on the dinner menu.


Salvatore’s Pizzaiolo Trattoria

5541 Young Street, Halifax

Salvatore’s is located in the charming Hydrostone Market in Halifax’s North End. This is a great summer spot if you’re looking for a restaurant with a nice patio and lots of local beers on tap. Salvatore’s is all about simplicity. Their menu describes their classic Original pizza, to which a customer can add on a total of three extra toppings. They have a wide range of add-ons, including delicious homemade meatballs, and they even allow you to customize the pizza’s crust with sesame or poppy seeds. The menu has suggested topping combinations and also a large selection of white pizzas to choose from. Other food options include New York-style hero sandwiches made with freshly baked garlic bread. Salvatore’s is also a great spot for vegetarian and vegan customers because you can choose pizza toppings like vegan ricotta and veggie Portobello sausage. Dessert includes traditionally made cannoli and homemade cheesecake. 



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