WHAT'S ON THE MENU - The Fourth Annual Craft Beer & Local Food Celebration on Jan. 12

WHAT'S ON THE MENU - The Fourth Annual Craft Beer & Local Food Celebration on Jan. 12

Alright folks, the big day is almost here! The Fourth Annual Craft Beer & Local Food Celebration is set to kick off on Thursday, January 12. As a prelude to the event, we will begin previewing some of what will be available that night. Information is still coming in, so we'll continue to add stuff as we move towards the event date.

Anyways, here's what we have so far:


Risky Biscuits

A Dark Mild, and the winning entry at our annual Home Brew Challenge. Brewer David Pepper will be pouring it for us. This smooth, lighter bodied, malt rich beer was fermented on Wyeast 1098 and hopped with our own organic Goldings and Fuggles hops. 4.5% ABV and 23 IBU.

 Liquid James Brown

A radical first! This is a Milkshake IPA, brewed with organic Oat Groats and Lactose to produce a slightly sweet, remarkably smooth bodied beer. We hopped it heavily and late with tropical Mosaic and El Dorado hops for a huge aroma and hop forward flavour.  Watch out!

 One Hundred

The first ever 100% NS grown and processed ingredient beer in provincial history. It features Rye grown by Stewart’s Organics, barley grown by Taproot Farms (both malted at Horton Ridge Micro Malting in Wolfeville), our own Challenger and Willamette hops, and was fermented on our proprietary yeast harvested from the surface of a wild Eastern Canadian Pin Cherry on our farm. GET IN LINE!


Risky Biscuit Brisket

with Loaded Mash, Cereal Killer gravy, and crispy shallots.


The Darkness Black IPA

An India Pale Ale, in all things but colour, it's hoppy, bright, and packed full of big flavours. Dark, dark, dark. Pours with almost stout-like black inkiness, capped with a nice tan head. First sensation is the hop forward presentation from copious amounts of late hops, and dry hops. It's followed by a gorgeous roasty body with a hint of wheat chewiness, fruity middle notes and then backed up by bracing bitterness in the finish. 

6.5% ABV

Over the Top Sour Cranberry Wheat Ale

Refreshingly tart and awesomely sessionable, this beer began with a 48-hour sour mash, in which our lactobacillus friends thrived, partied and arm wrestled.  A late hop addition imparts a fruity aroma to balance the sour malt base.  Nova Scotia cranberries dry out the finish and add a subtle depth of flavour and give it an amazing colour. 

4% ABV


Adams & Knickle Scallops

Fresh off the Lunenburg wharf scallops, drizzled with a duo of dark wasabi chocolate & white chili chocolate on a wild mushroom risotto. 

Paired with The Darkness Black IPA! The citrus notes from the hops will compliment the scallops, and the bitterness will help battle the heat from the wasabi and the chili, and cut through the creaminess of the risotto, while the dark malt character will work well with the dark and white chocolate drizzle!


Black Angus IPA

A balanced India Pale Ale (hoppy and malty).  Citrus and Tropical Fruit notes with a malty / bready finish. 

6.2%, 60 IBU

Red Coat Irish Red Ale

A roasty Irish Red Ale.  Made using pilsner malt and roasted barley,  Red Coat is full flavoured and full bodied example of the Irish Red style.

5.0 %, 25 IBU

Sons of Hector Brown Ale

Chocolate on the nose and finish, balanced with just the right amount of hops.  Malty and full flavoured.

5.0%, 30 IBU


Vanilla Ice Cream

with beer caramel

Beer Ice Cream

made with the Hector Brown



Bulwark's signature apple cider is made with freshly pressed apples from Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley. A balance of apple blossom aromas and light fruity flavours compose this ultra crisp and dry cider. Pairs well with fresh cheeses, seafood and salads.


This newest seasonal brings Bulwark's traditional apple cider and barrel-aged dark rum together in harmonious fashion to deliver a smooth and distinct rum taste. Hints of spice and subtle caramel overtones gently complement the cider's apple blossom aroma to create a full-bodied, golden-hued cider. Pairs well with local pork and poultry.


Night Vision

This black, malt forward beer has very little bitterness and delicate hop character. Just a straight up American Porter. It has very forward chocolate and toast flavour with graham cracker and chocolate aromatics. Its lack of bitterness and roast makes it very approachable.

Style: American Porter   ABV: 6.2%   IBU: 23

Crosscurrant APA

Crosscurrent is a brand created with the purpose of showcasing different hop combinations while brewing with the same grain bill each time. This version was hopped with Simcoe & Chinook hops, both American varieties. Simcoe lends big pine and citrus notes and Chinook adds more citrus and grapefruit flavour. While maintaining little bitterness and lower alcohol, it has the same hop flavour intensity one could expect from an IPA.

Style: American Pale Ale   ABV: 5.5%    IBU: 32


Ducked fat fried Lobster tater tots. Salted roe Aioli.


Spruce Beer

Local Spruce & Fir tips from Meander River Farm are combined with Crosbie's blackstrap molasses to re-create North America's oldest beer style. Party like it's 1749! 

Complex and full-bodied with a dark-amber to brown colouring. Aromas of spruce in winter and caramel malts. Taste balances the clean bitterness of spruce and fir gum with the warming flavours of molasses and bitter-sweet chocolate. 

ABV: 7.5%   IBU: 35

Tall Ship

Tallship is one Tasty Premium East Coast Ale, brewed with ad-venture, craft, pride and independence. This beer delivers on true refreshment with an easy-going style. Drop anchor, hoist a glass and launch into one!

Golden Pale in appearance, refreshingly light maltiness with a smooth finish, mild hop aroma and bitterness.

ABV: 5%   IBU: 14


Assortment of cheeses and charcuteries.


Dave & Morley (coffee brown)

Good Robot's newest beer, a collaboration with Bottleneck Coffee.

Daughter of Sin (DIPA)

Brewed by Brathair Brewing (on Good Robot's system).


Chicken confit and butternut squash tortellini

 on beer braised cabbage. Citrus notes from the beer braised cabbage will pair well with the Double IPA hops. The butternut squash will pair well with the earthy Coffee Brown. 


Hell's Anvil

This beer was originally brewed for the CanIron X Blacksmith convention in 2015. Its colour is black as coal and the smokey, roasted flavours from the malt of this Irish Stout have captured the true essence of Backsmithery!

5 % ABV   34 IBU

English Ale

2016 GOLD MEDAL WINNER ATLANTIC CANADIAN BEER AWARDS. This beer is a tribute to English style ales. With a distinct malty, toasted flavour, and a medium body. Our English Ale showcases a combination of five carefully selected malts. This ale is nicely balanced with mild hop characteristics.

5.2 % ABV   49 IBU


Beer Battered Curry Fish

Yuzu Tartar Sauce, Fresh Sorrel 


Gut View Amber ale

It's an English-style amber ale that is refreshingly malty and lightly hopped.

4.9% ABV   32 IBU

The Norwegian farmhouse ale

A traditional farmhouse-style ale brewed with kviek (Norwegian strain of yeast) and an infusion of juniper.The yeast provide notes of orange peel and earthiness and spice.

7% ABV   16 IBU


Open Faced Devilled Ham Spread

with pickled onion on fresh rolls / baguette

Maple Meatballs

in a hot pepper jelly glaze



Big, bold, and bitter! India Pale Ale was fashioned to survive the long voyage from England to India during the British colonization. Citrus, tropical fruit, pine, and floral hop flavours and aromas overpower the malty sweet body. Wort hopped, hop burst, and then dry hopped, our flagship IPA pairs perfectly with all things spicy or cheesy, and poultry or fish.

6.9% ABV / 70 IBUs


This classic English pub ale has a rich copper colour with an aroma of toast, honey, and pear. This beer has a subtle spiciness with a broad malt body featuring kilned coffee and toffee. Pairs perfectly with crispy appetizers and of course Fish and Chips.

5.6% ABV / 35 IBUs

Dirty Blonde

Light, crisp, effervescent, and quenching, Nine Locks Dirty Blonde is a North American-style Weizen brewed with Canadian wheat and barley. Bready, grainy wheat notes give way to a slightly tart, acidic finish. Nine Locks Dirty Blonde is the perfect choice for a summer barbeque, a night out with friends, or any time you’re thirsting for something a little different.

5.0% ABV / 12 IBUs


Lamb Meatball Sandwich

Spiced tomato sauce, yogurt, mozzarella



Midnight - Glenora Barrel Aged Strong Dark Belgian

Tasting Notes: dark chocolate, tart cherry, stone fruit, oak, vanilla and whisky

Ask and Embla - Mixed Fermentation Saison w/ hay, oats and driftwood

Tasting Notes: green tea, honeydew, apricot and a light salinity on the finish

Saison de Pinot - Mixed Fermentation Saison w/ 300L of estate grown pinot must from Benjamin Bridge

Tasting Notes: Red berry, lychee, coconut, vinous, rose, light hay.  


Smoked Quail Egg, Acadian Sturgeon Caviar, Bone Marrow, Onion Ash 



English Style Bitter, copper in color, full bodied, malty and smooth.


 KRAVE Lager

This thirst-quenching lager has a continental hop aroma, hints of honey, light malt sweetness and a balanced finish.   

ABV: 4.9%

Vanilla Porter

Rich, creamy and smooth with slight notes of vanilla, coffee and chocolate.

ABV: 5.5%


Krave Burger Bombs

Krave's house ground beef, seared then coated with a potato crust, served with Krave sauce.


The Principal Pale Ale

An approachable American pale ale that highlights hop flavour and aroma without overdoing hop bitterness. Aromas of grapefruit and lemon zest come from Cascade and Mount Hood hops added during fermentation. The clean malt profile is provided by Maritime barley and certified organic speciality malts. The Principal has a light body from these malts and a crisp finish, making it a very refreshing beer for summer patios and bar stools alike.

The Scotian Export Ale

Our take on the Scottish export style and is always brewed with 100% local and organic hops. True to style, this beer starts with a slight hop bitterness, hits with a distinctive caramel sweetness, and then finishes with a moderate bitterness. The Scotian Export has a medium-bodied mouthfeel and low carbonation which allows the malt flavours to fully develop. The addition of molasses adds the flavour of good ol’ Nova Scotian brown bread and a warming quality similar to spiced or dark rum. The Scotian Export Ale has subtle hints of vanilla and oak to round out the malt profile. This beer pairs well with cold winter nights around the wood stove and Stan Rogers’ tunes at your local English pub.

The Big Red Schoolhouse

An imperial red that was first brewed in our small one-room schoolhouse that we converted into a brewery. This beer symbolizes our brewery perfectly: It comes from hard work and humble roots but is very ambitious and ready to show off; not to mention that we use only local hops in it. It has huge flavour and high alcohol, but is surprisingly easy to drink. It defies expectations and so do we. The local hops balance the sweetness of the bold malt profile to make this beer dangerously drinkable. The Big Red Schoolhouse pours a stunning garnet red and gives off a distinctive aroma from the local hops. This big beer started in our small brewery, but just like us, it knows no limits.



Grilled Cheese 101

Spent Grain Rye Bread, Smoked Cheddar, Confit Tomato Jam, Sweet Fig Mustard.

Tasting notes: 100% housemade grilled cheese showcasing some of the best Nova Scotian ingredients. Sweet, Salty, Smokey will be the main highlights of the bite size sandwich.



100% fresh pressed Nova Scotia apples- Incredibly Crisp, Dry & Refreshing. Gold Medal Winner in Traditional Cider category at the Atlantic Beer Awards 2016, plus Cider of the year 2016


Sid's Crisp Apple Cider

100% fresh pressed Nova Scotia apples- Crisp & Juicy Apple notes- like biting into a fresh juicy apple!

Sid's Chai Cider

100% fresh pressed Nova Scotia apples- Crisp Cider infused with Chia Spices- like Apple Pie in a glass!


British IPA

Golden in colour with a bright fruity and grassy aroma. A very smooth, medium bodied IPA with balanced malt and hops.

Oyster Stout

Brewed with local Pristine Bay Oysters which add a brininess to the nose and a saltiness in taste. A medium bodied Stout with a dark chocolate finish. 


Petite Croque Monsieur Sandwiches

 with Dijon dipping sauce.



Imperial Pils

Blend of Canadian and German Pilsner malts make this is a deceivingly light looking lager packing a punch of 8.0% ABV and 70 IBU. Aromatics of melon, citrus and passionfruit are led by generous amounts of Hallertau Blanc, El Dorado and Citra hops.

8.0% / 70 IBU

Abyss Schwarzbier

This traditional German-style black lager combines a malt profile and balanced background of German Hersbrucker and Magnum hops.  Upfront notes of toasted grains, coffee and chocolate malts leading to an elegantly smooth finish. This unfiltered style is big on flavour but sessionable enough to keep you coming back for more.

4.8% / 25 IBU

Knotty Buoy Pils

Our Bavarian-style Pils is a brilliant golden coloured lager showcasing premium German ingredients. Soft aromatics of German Hersbrucker and Saaz hops leads to a malt flavour of light grains and a dry finish. Well balanced and refreshingly crisp, this is truly a lager for all occasions.

4.8% / 25 IBU


Old School Diner Burger Sliders

Mac & Cheese Bacon Balls

Feta & Cranberry Pinwheels



Ladies' Beer League and Tata Brew present MRS MAGOUCHE - a juicy, hoppy American IPA. Hopped with Amarillo, Simcoe, and El Dorado hops and fermented with Escarpment Lab's Vermont Ale yeast - a stone fruit and citrus hop-accentuating yeast.

SMORTER S'mores Porter

Brewed with cinnamon sticks, graham crackers, molasses, and chocolate in the mash tun. Additions of honey, cinnamon, and vanilla beans in the kettle, and then local Willamette hops added in the hop back. Lastly, this flavourful brew is dry hopped with vanilla beans. A beer reminiscent of a summer's night bonfire, but high enough in alcohol to help you forget it's not. 



Hop Fritters

with Braised Beef Shortrib and "Beer-naise"

S'more Tart

with Chocolate Ganache and Toasted Porter Marshmallow


The Copper

A British-like amber ale featuring biscuity notes from the malts, a little fruitiness from the yeast strain all balanced with a touch of smokiness from beechwood smoked malt.

Like A Motorcyc-ale

A black ale featuring a slight roast note from Midnight Wheat with some dank, earthy flavours from Columbus and Mt Hood hops. 

Mild Thing

An English style dark mild featuring caramel notes as well as hints of coffee and chocolate. With a light body and low alcohol strength this makes for a very sessionable ale. 


Pickle Brined Fried Chicken

with siracha mayo on sweet rolls

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